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18 Incredible Magician’s Biggest Tricks — Explained!

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Is there anything more entertaining than settling in for a night filled with magic tricks? Magicians have become the de facto showmen of our time and they’ve done so by honing their craft in secrecy. Have you ever seen David Blaine or David Copperfield perform a trick so incredible that it made your brain feel all wrinkly and confused? Today, we are going to help alleviate some of that brain-pain by pulling part the blinds of secrecy that have protected magicians for so long. Today, we’ll be explaining how 18 AMAZING magical tracks are accomplished!

Power of Levitation

This particular illusion was made famous by David Blaine. Magicians who perform this trick can use perspective in order to convince their audience that they can levitate. Simply set your audience at a 45-degree angle while you tip your toes forward on your right. With a little showmanship, you’ll be able to give off the appearance of levitation!