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20 Incredible Old Photos From the Wild West!

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The era of the Wild West occupies a fascinating time in the history of the United States. While so much about North America was in flux, there were precious few ways for it to be recorded in a visual manner. Photography was just coming into its own which meant that photographs were going to be incredibly rare, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist! We collected 20 incredible photos taken during the 1800s by the camera known as the daguerreotype. Using this camera, photographers were able to collect some of the most incredible old photos from the most pivotal time in the history of the United States. Let’s dig in!


Hard Labor All Day.
Let’s start our list by acknowledging that you don’t start a journey on the frontier because life is going to be easy. Literally building up a country from its foundation took a lot of work. Here we see workers at the McDonald Brickyard in Round Pond, OK.