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21 of the Deadliest Warships The World Has Ever Seen

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The Industrial Age of naval warfare did away with the varied craftsmanship of different shipyards, and introduced the idea of warship “classes.” A “class” refers to a series of vessels constructed to the same design specifications – a feat which was unimaginable before the Industrial Revolution. Read on to learn about 21 of the most lethal warship classes that have sailed the seas since then.


1. Turtle, Colonial America – The Turtle was the world’s first submersible with a documented use in military combat: during the REVOLUTIONARY WAR! She was built in 1775 (!), to be used for attaching explosive charges to harbored ships, specifically British Royal Navy vessels in North American Harbors during the war. President George Washington was doubtful of the submersible’s abilities when he saw the sketches, he provided funding for its building and testing. Unfortunately, all attempts to use the Turtle to attach explosive to the bottoms of British warships failed. She sank, and although claims of finding the Turtle were made, her final whereabouts are unknown. Several replicas can be found in museums worldwide, such as the Connecticut River Museum.