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21 of the Deadliest Warships The World Has Ever Seen

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2. H. L. Hunley, Confederate States of America – This Civil-War era vessel was the first combat submarine that succeeded at what it was designed for: sinking a warship. Its barbed spar torpedoe was embedded into the hull of the Union Army’s USS Housatonic, and was detonated, sending the ship and and five of her crewmen to the bottom of the sea five miles offshore of Charleston. The H. L. Hunley itself sunk three times in her short career, taking 21 Confederate crewmen with her in all. She finally sank for good in 1864, after downing the Housatonic. She remained at the bottom somewhere in Charleston’s outer harbor until finally being raised in 1995. The H. L. Hunley is now on display at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center on the Cooper River in North Charleston, South Carolina.