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Divers Unveil Secrets Lurking In ‘The Great Blue Hole’

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The Great Blue Hole of Belize is one of the amazing geographical wonders on the planet. The hole itself is a deep, dark blue that borders on purple which contrasts amazingly with the rest of the Caribbean Sea that surrounds it. The reason for this discoloration is the sheer depth of the hole. H.P. Lovecraft made us innately fear the depths of the ocean but that didn’t stop a team of explorers from descending into the Great Blue Hole in order to see what they could find. What they found, well, it terrified them!

A True Diver’s Paradise


Just looking at the Blue Hole would make you realize how alluring it would be to professional divers. The deep dark color shows just how deep the hole gets. The ocean is already considered a sort of ‘final frontier’ on our planet, so who knows what could be lurking at the bottom of it?