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Secret Room in Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion Solves 200 Year Old Mystery!

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Thomas Jefferson is almost universally regarded as one of the wisest men in our nation’s history. As the primary hand behind the Declaration of Independence as well as the third President of the United States, Jefferson certainly has a reputation to uphold. His home in Virginia has become one of the most popular presidential tourist destinations in the country. Recently, Jefferson’s mansion was under construction for maintenance-related issues. Workers were absolutely shocked when they uncovered a hidden room within the building. The location of the room, and what it ended up meaning, would pull Jefferson into a pit of controversy. Keep on reading to find out what was behind the hidden doors of Thomas Jefferson’s secret room.

Thomas Jefferson – The Man, Myth, and Legend.


Anybody who knows anything about the United States will understand how important Thomas Jefferson was to the nation’s growth. Jefferson was a force in the early beginnings of the United States. From crafting the Declaration of Independence, and thus becoming a beacon of morality, to masterminding the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, Jefferson has done it all.