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The Baby Abandoned at a Burger King Sets Out to Find Her Mom 27 Years Later

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On September 15, 1986, a newborn baby girl was abandoned in the bathroom of a local Burger King. Her mother placed the baby girl under one of the bathroom sinks, and she later was discovered by a Burger King employee. The child quickly became known as the “Burger King Baby” throughout the nation. Not knowing where to start looking, “Burger King Baby” never thought she would find out who her mother was or why her mother left her behind. She was in for a surprise 27 years later!


Thinking back, the fast food worker remembers heading off to work that day thinking nothing out of the ordinary was likely to happen, and boy was he wrong! During his shift in the Allentown, Pennsylvania Burger King, he heard a noise coming from the women’s bathroom. As the worker moved closer to the door, he realized it was the sound of a baby crying. The cry prompted him to rush in and find the tiny baby under the sink bundled in a red sweater with no mother around.