18 Amazingly Timed Sports Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

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We are drawn to the world of athletics because we love the thrill of competition. We love seeing the best in the world compete at what they do. With that being said, so many amazing moments are lost in the blur of the action. Listed below, you’ll find 18 incredible pictures of amazing athletic moments captured on camera.

Hiring Bull Rider – Hard Hat Required


When you ride bulls for a living, you operate on the expectation that you’re going to eventually catch a beating. Now, that doesn’t mean that you expect to go on this kind of ride. Poor guy, we don’t think that cowboy hat is reinforced.

Stand Up For Women’s MMA


While there are some major names in Women’s MMA, their division still doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. Seeing blows like this landed by Atomweights is, well, jarring, to say the least. We’ll take ‘hitting like a girl’ as a compliment from now on.

She Doesn’t Have Her Globe


There’s a growing debate around boardrooms of the MLB that essentially boils down to this: should the MLB force stadiums to hang nets up for audience safety? A lot of people are voting yes and we think that this woman in red might agree.

JJ Watt Leads The Charge


JJ Watt is one of the most prolific defensive players in NFL history. He’s also a renowned philanthropist, raising nearly $40 million to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey. Good dude, but we’d be scared of him all the same. Just look at him!

When Your Name Is NSFW


What do you do when your actual name is NSFW? Okay, we’re obviously going for low-hanging fruit, here. Takeshita is probably an excellent athlete, just don’t say her name around children. We’re kidding. But really, careful with it. Who knows what kids will say these days.

A True Game of Inches


Defensive back Patrick Robinson fully extends as he attempts to intercept a pass from Philip Rivers. Travis Benjamin, in white, also tries to make a play on the ball. One inch in either direction dramatically changes the complexion of a football’s path.

NBA Ref Steals The Highlight


You’re going to have a hard time finding NBA fans who appreciate officiating. Oh well, it doesn’t matter to this ref. He wanders into frame and finds himself wearing a crown, courtesy of Budweiser. Now, we’re not one to develop conspiracy theories but we have a hard time believing that this ref WASN’T setting up this shot. Oh well, the King can do as he pleases.

Don’t Trash Talk This Referee


If we had to make a list of sports and then rank them based on which referees could beat us up, rugby would be at the top of the list. Apparently, there is some truth to our preconceived bias. This referee is clearly not ready to be tussled with and he’s putting these red-shirts into a world of hurt.

Art Of The Glove


There might be a ton of standing around in the sport of baseball but when the action happens, boy is it exciting. Here we see a Venezuelan national player lay out to snag a grounder. Remember, baseballs shoot back up the middle at blinding speeds. Talk about twitch reflexes!

LeBron James & Dwyane Wade Get Up


LeBron James may be the face of the NBA right now, but for a short period of time, he was one of the most hated athletes in the world. The ‘Heatles’ era of the NBA was highly entertaining and filled with moments like these. LeBron and D-Wade ran circles around the league en route to a handful of NBA Championships. Both players will go down as Top-5 at their position.

Usain Bolt Lunges For The Victory


Usain Bolt is one of the most impressive athletes to ever lace up a pair of cleats on a track. While Bolt did not go out the way he had wanted during the 2017 World Championships, it was still mesmerizing to watch his historic career wind to a close. This shot is from the London 2017 World Championships.

Those Headers Will Cost You


One of the most important skills that you can learn in the world of soccer is the ‘header’. Being able to control the direction of a ball in the air while fending off other players with your hands and feet, well, that’s a skill. Still, it’s gonna cost ya.

The NFL Is For Modern Gladiators


They say that helmet technology has come a long way in order to protect players, but that helmet won’t help when it pops off. Buster Skrine loses his helmet going for a big tackle. That had to hurt. In truth, helmets have come a long way even in the past handful of years. Remember, once upon a time professional football players were wearing leather helmets. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Nailing The Bunt, Kind Of.


Being able to land a bunt is kind of important. Bunting helps you to move base runners while giving yourself a chance to use speed to get on base. With that being said, this is not how you score a bunt.

Remember Kids, This Is Why Dad Lifts Weights


Have you ever dreamed of saving an innocent person’s life, simply by flexing your muscles? Shaun Cunningham, the man in the picture, likely saved his kid some surgery by flexing away a thrown bat. Look at the arms on this guy! Hopefully, his son will start paying a little more attention to the game now that he’s become a global meme.

The Rams Todd Gurley Adds To The Highlight Reel


Last season, Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams caught fire and never went out. Gurley firmly established himself as the top running back in the NFL and one of the most exciting athletes in professional sports. I mean, just look at this. Todd Gurley hurdles a poor defender on the Washington Redskins and he makes it look easy.

Michael Jordan Finally Breaks Down


Michael Johnson is the greatest basketball player of all time. Full stop. Known for being the most determined player in the game, MJ finally breaks down while holding the first of his SIX NBA Championship Trophies. You can see Jordan’s dad clutching his arm, one of their rare photos together.

Conor McGregor Plants Flag In Featherweight Division


It only took Conor McGregor 13 seconds to score the most important victory of his career, at the time. McGregor talked the talk and walked the walk, defeating a red-hot Jose Aldo who had won 18-straight fights. McGregor’s historic knockout helped to propel the UFC to new heights.


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