18 Incredible Magician’s Biggest Tricks — Explained!

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Is there anything more entertaining than settling in for a night filled with magic tricks? Magicians have become the de facto showmen of our time and they’ve done so by honing their craft in secrecy. Have you ever seen David Blaine or David Copperfield perform a trick so incredible that it made your brain feel all wrinkly and confused? Today, we are going to help alleviate some of that brain-pain by pulling part the blinds of secrecy that have protected magicians for so long. Today, we’ll be explaining how 18 AMAZING magical tracks are accomplished!

Power of Levitation

This particular illusion was made famous by David Blaine. Magicians who perform this trick can use perspective in order to convince their audience that they can levitate. Simply set your audience at a 45-degree angle while you tip your toes forward on your right. With a little showmanship, you’ll be able to give off the appearance of levitation!


The Levitating Man

Speaking of levitation, have you seen the incredible levitating man? This trick features a performer sitting cross-legged holding a staff in their right hand as they levitate three or four feet off of the ground. While this trick looks amazing, it’s actually alarmingly simple. A brace is built inside of the staff which runs down the sleeve of the performer. The brace is then wrapped around the performer, holding them in the air.


Vanishing Liquid Pour

A very famous street magic trick has performers taking a container of liquid and pouring it into their hands or some other receptacle. Only, after they finish pouring the liquid, their hands remain completely dry! This trick works pretty easily so long as you have the right kind of container. As you can see, this jug features a special receptacle that captures the liquid as it pours. Nothing ever leaves the jug!

The Floating Assistant

This is an iconic magic trick that was made famous more than fifty years ago. This trick features a magician ‘levitating’ their assistant as they perform all manner of tricks. Fortunately, there’s no magic involved here. Instead, you just have a trick of perception. The assistant is held in the air by a concealed support rod.


Rabbit From The Hat

If you want to succeed as a magician, you might want to spend time learning this incredible trick. In order to pull a rabbit out of your hat, you’ll need a large hat and a special table. Your table will be covered with a large tablecloth and beneath that tablecloth, you’ll have an opening that leads to a rabbit sitting in a comfortable bag. You then place your large hat above the opening before reaching through to perform your trick.


Biting A Coin In Half

This trick mixes sleight of hand and showmanship into one simple performance. For this trick, you’ll have to have your own fake coin hidden on your person. This coin will be easy to bite through but it has to look like the coin you take from your target. When you take their coin, you simply swap for the fake coin that is hiding up your sleeve.


Walking on Water

This famous magic trick has been copied countless times by magicians all over the world. Pulled straight from the pages of the Bible, and the story of Jesus, walking on water has been a huge tool for magicians for generations. However, this magic trick is far simpler than it appears. In order to accomplish this trick, magicians lay out a series of perspex boxes that become invisible when submerged in water. With good balance, any magician can make this trick look incredible.


The Giant Buzzsaw

Made popular in the ’30s and ’40s, popular illusionists have managed to convince audiences around the world that they are literally sawing their assistants in half with a giant buzzsaw! This illusion is all about perspective and compartments. The assistant will place themselves carefully on the platform whereupon their lower half will be protected inside of a secret compartment.


The Pretzel Box

An assistant will step inside of a tall box that is labeled in three compartments. The magician then shoves the middle of the box completely out of alignment. Where is the assistant’s body? As it turns out, this trick is all about flexibility. The assistant merely presses themselves against the side of the box while positioning their hand and hands in order to make it look like they’ve been displaced.


Magical Object Levitation

Seeing an object float before your very eyes can be startling. Fortunately for you, you aren’t going crazy. This impressive magic trick is actually incredibly simple. Using nothing more than translucent wiring, magicians can carefully balance a small item while giving off the illusion of levitation. The helpful diagram above, supplied by Cracked, shows exactly how this trick is performed.

Make The Coin Vanish

Street magic is rife with sleight of hand tricks that rely on you not paying much attention. This trick features a magician lining the back of their hand with chapstick glue. They take the coin into their fist and, using sleight of hand, maneuver the coin to the back of their hand. When they open their hand, the coin is gone — because it is glued to the other side of their hand!

Card Through Glass

This trick is simple to explain but incredibly hard to pull off in person. In fact, this bit of street magic requires you to have a second pair of hands on your side as well as your own charisma. For this trick, you have your audience member pick a card. You show that card to everyone around you, including your partner who is hiding behind the glass. As soon as they see the card, they tape up the corresponding card from their own deck. In order for this trick to work, you have to keep ALL eyes on you while also staging your body in order to block their view.


The Magical Bending Spoon

Have you ever seen a magician bend a spoon in half before straightening it out like nothing happened? That’s because nothing did happen! This illusion is so easy that it’ll make your head spin. The magician in question will have a second silver tip in their hands which acts as the top of the spoon. Using sleight of hand, they can give their audience the illusion that the spoon is bending in dramatic ways.


Cutting Your Assistant In Half

This is probably the most well-known magic trick in the entire industry, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. This trick features a proud magician cutting their beautiful assistant in half by using nothing more than a pair of boxes and a saw. This trick is almost laughably simple, however, as it is performed by hiding a second assistant in the lower half of the box in order to act as the ‘legs’. 


Swallowing A Sword

Illusions are all about creating expectations through showmanship while hiding the real trick in plain sight. So, how do professional sword swallowers make their metal weapons vanish down their throat? What’s the trick? Where’s the illusion? Uh, it might be hard to believe, but this trick is actually real. Through years of practice, these performers learn how to suppress their gag reflex in order to safely slide a sword down their esophagus. Do not try this trick at home!


The Guillotine

There is nothing scarier than being placed under a descending guillotine blade. What’s scarier is that this used to actually be a method of execution! Fortunately, magicians are only appropriating the fear — not the actual impact. This trick features a real blade descending toward a real person, but that’s where the reality ends. There are special blocks installed that prevent the blade from fully descending. Additionally, the assistant is hidden within a compartment that is completely isolated from the blade. When the blade ‘strikes’, the assistant merely drops a level in order to make it seem like their head has been chopped off.


The Impaled Illusion

Seeing your entertainment for the night impaled on a spike can be pretty alarming, but rest assured that this is a simple illusion. This trick works because the illusionist has hidden a special platform below their spike. The magician will also be wearing a special shirt that allows it to SEEM like they have been impaled. Remember, all of the lights and sounds are meant to distract you from the obvious!


The Simple Floating Cup

We’ll round out our list with a simple trick about levitation. This trick has a magician using nothing more than their thumb and some showmanship in order to give off the pretense of levitation. Merely sticking their thumb into the back of the cup will allow the magician to sell the trick.



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