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25 Powerful Pictures Taken Before Tragedy Struck: Animal Edition

Cynthia Brooke




Tragedy is something that we cannot avoid. For many, it is a fleeting moment of pain that stays with us. For others, there is photographic evidence of the seconds that led up to the tragedy. Here are 25 photos that were taken just before tragedy struck.

Animal Attack– Animals are majestic and fantastic, of that there is no question. They are also however powerful predators that can kill in an instant. Here we see a man cowering before a large white tiger whose enclosure he had fallen into while trying to get a better look. Keepers warned him to get down but he did not listen and the tiger held him there for 15 minutes before mauling him to death.

Goats are Not Pets– in this photo we see a goat attacking a woman that was presumably its keeper. She looks terrified, and she should be, as goats have the ability to cause serious damage and their horns have been known to cause gashes, cuts, and to even lacerate organs.

The Problem With Bears–  Here we see a black bear stalking a hiker who decided to snap a photo. Bears generally do not attack humans unless they feel threatened. It was unclear if this bear was protecting cubs, its home, or if it felt that the hiker was a danger. The bear went on to maul the hiker to death moments after this final photo was snapped.

Ducks Only Look Cute–  most people do not associate ducks with animal attacks. They are however aggressive when threatened and can cause serious damage with their tight bite and sharp bills. Here we see a tourist taking an innocent picture with a duck before it bites her finger.

Surfer Down– When surfer Mick Fanning took to the water he never suspected that he would be attacked by a shark. The shark, though it did not harm Mick, did attack and damage his board as well as scare the living daylights out of him.

Jungle Cat– endangered animals are just as deadly as those that mix and mingle with humans. In this photo we see a jaguar attacking at worker as they try to bring the cat back to the sanctuary where it was kept. The animal, though they tried to tranquilize it, was eventually euthanized shortly after attacking the forest warden in the photo.

Bear Stalker–  this photo shows the intense danger that hunters face every day when they go out for big game. The pair are posing with their kill while a black bear lurks just feet from them. Though the hunters got away, it could have ended tragically.

Fresh Kill– in this photo we see a mountain lion stalking the fresh kill of the hunter in the photo. It is unclear if the cat attacked or not but often predators are drawn to the blood from a fresh kill making them a huge hazard for nighttime hunters that go out for big game like the elk in the photo.

Beware Wild Boar– for those that think wild boar are just wooly pigs, that is anything but true. In this photo we see a hunter being chased by a wild board before he is eventually attacked. Wild boar are very territorial, very aggressive, and their tusks and teeth can cause a huge amount of damage during a frenzied attack.

Gator Attack-  though the photo does seem somewhat comical, gators are very aggressive and their thick hide makes it difficult to subdue or harm them if they do decide to attack at this animal did. The gator did decide to attack and though it might seem small, these animals are very powerful and can do a great deal of damage.

Belly Flop– though this animal caused unintended damage to the boaters and the boat, it did cause a great deal of trouble. The large whale landed squarely on the vessel completely ruining it and gave the fisherman a great scare.

Sharks Gone Wild-sharks are one of the biggest predators that we have to deal with in the ocean and when the film crew of the documentary Shark Men pushed tons of chum into the water to attract sharks, tragedy struck. A large shark attacked and ripped off the leg of one of the men killing him as a result of blood loss.

Child Shark Attack– anytime a child is injured we all cringe and hope for the best. This photo was taken of young surfer Elio Canestri who was surfing in off limits water when he was attacked. He was bitten on the stomach and limbs were torn off. He died as a result of the attack.

Argument Turned Deadly– generally when we hear about an argument turned deadly it is because the other person kills the person they are arguing with. In this case however we see a woman who got out of the car whilst on safari in the part of the park that housed the tigers. The tigers took their chance to pounce and dragged the woman off while one of the other passengers in the car dies while trying to save her.

Steve Irwin– this is the last photo taken of famed wild life expert Steve Irwin before he was killed by a sting ray. Irwin was diving and the ray struck him in the chest causing his heart to stop with its deadly barb.

Tilikum the Killer Whale–  though Tilikum has since passed, the whale caused two deaths and a menagerie of other injuries during his time at Sea World. The whale dragged his trainer under the water during a live show drowning her and can be seen here pulling another trainer under the water.

Siegfried and Roy– we have all heard about the duo and their magic Vegas act involving white tigers. This photo is of the tiger that would eventually maul Roy causing partial paralysis and major scarring.

Snake Charmer Gone Wrong–  snake charming acts are terrifying and in this photo we see a cobra before it attacks well known snake charmer Ali Khan Samsudin fatally poisoning him.

Lion Encounter– lions are beautiful creatures and generally they will leave you alone, unless you are in their enclosure. We see a man in the enclosure just before the massive cat attacks.

Mostly Gentle Giants– elephants are generally very gentle. Here however, we see an elephant as it attacks a safari vehicle.

Running of the Bulls–  the running of the bulls in Spain is known for its danger. Here we see a runner just before they are gored by a raging bull.

Living With Grizzlies– here we see a well known bear expert that went to live among the grizzlies. One night he was mauled to death and the entire event was caught on audio recording.

Turned on Its Trainer– we see a photo of a tiger as it attacks its trainer. It is unknown if the attack was play or real.

Polar Bear Plunder–  here we see a woman being attacked by a polar bear after falling into its enclosure.

Pandas Attack– here we see the normally gentle giant panda attacking the leg of a man.



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40 of the Worlds scariest bridges

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Everyone has a fear of something and fear of bridges is not less a fear. There are some bridges in the world which are very scary and even dangerous to cross over. These bridges in different parts of the world have set records as the most hazardous and the scariest bridges in the world. For people with fear of bridges; gephyrophobia, these are bridges you definitely want to stay away from but for the fun-loving daring people then this is an adventure you may want to venture into.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado;


This bridge found in the USA was made in 1929. During the time of its building, it did not have any wind cables which makes it very interesting. It was not until 1979 when wind cables were added to the bridge. It is in the highest suspension point in the United States which is similar to its historic significance, crossing 955 feet high over the Arkansas river. The Royal Gorge Bridge has held record as the tallest bridge up until 2001 when the Liuguanghe Bridge of China surpassed it. It spins 1260 feet over a rocky canyon.

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The Invention of Pinball

Cynthia Brooke



Pinball is an arcade game where you score points by manipulating balls around on an inclined play field with flippers. The goal is to hit various targets without losing the ball through the drain at the bottom. Most modern pinball machines are themed—they tell a story and players complete objectives to finish the story. Pinball has been around for decades. But where did it come from?

Origins Date to 1871

In 871, the British inventor Montegue Redgrave received a patent for his game, “Improvements in Bagatelle”. Bagatelle was a game that used a table and balls, but Redgrave received the patent in order to make changes to the original game. He added a coiled spring, a plunger, inclined the playing field and made it smaller, and replaced the larger balls with marbles—all of which are features of pinball.


Mass Production 1930s

It wasn’t until the 1930s that pinball machines appeared in mass. In 1930 and 1931, these games were countertop machines, rather than freestanding with legs as we know them today. Manufacturers began adding legs in 1932.

The first countertop pinball machine was called “Bingo”, and was produced by the Bingo Novelty Company. This was the first pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Company. Next, the company released “Baffle Ball”, another countertop mechanical game. In 1935, they released the same game in an electro-mechanical standing version. It even had a payout.

In 1931, another countertop pinball machine was released called “Bally Hoo”. It included optional legs and was the first coin-operated pinball machine in existence. It was developed by Raymond Maloney, the founder of Bally Corporation.

The Ball Report

Origins of the Name

The game was not actually called “pinball” until 1936. The first pinball games did not have flippers, the balls were instead directed by static nails, or pins, which gave the game its name.


One of the most popular pinball machines in history is “Advance”. The tilt mechanism was invented in 1934 because players had been physically lifting the machines to shake the ball around. Tilt fixed this problem.  The tilt mechanism was first used in “Advance” the pinball game made by Harry Williams.

In 1933, battery-operated pinball machines were introduced. They were first made by Harry Williams; by 1934, electric machines showed up which allowed them to offer plenty of extra features, like new sounds and lights. In 1937, the bumpers were added in a game simply called “Bumper” by Bally Hoo. Flippers were then added in 1947, in a game called “Humpty Dumpty”. Flippers were invented by Harry Mabs and incorporated into the D. Gottlieb & Company game. It used six flippers, three per side.

In the 1950s, pinball machines got flashier—they incorporated lights behind a glass scoreboard which helped highlight the scores and added two player options. In 1963, multiple balls were introduced; designed by Steve Kordek and first used in the game, “Beat the Clock”. He is also the one that moved the flippers to the bottom of the game.

Ever Changing Pinball

Pinball has continued to change with the times. Digital scoring was introduced in 1966, and 1975, the first solid-state electronic pinball machine was released. Later, in 1998, pinball machines incorporated video screens, and today, players can play pinball online.  

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