40 of the Worlds scariest bridges

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Everyone has a fear of something and fear of bridges is not less a fear. There are some bridges in the world which are very scary and even dangerous to cross over. These bridges in different parts of the world have set records as the most hazardous and the scariest bridges in the world. For people with fear of bridges; gephyrophobia, these are bridges you definitely want to stay away from but for the fun-loving daring people then this is an adventure you may want to venture into.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado;


This bridge found in the USA was made in 1929. During the time of its building, it did not have any wind cables which makes it very interesting. It was not until 1979 when wind cables were added to the bridge. It is in the highest suspension point in the United States which is similar to its historic significance, crossing 955 feet high over the Arkansas river. The Royal Gorge Bridge has held record as the tallest bridge up until 2001 when the Liuguanghe Bridge of China surpassed it. It spins 1260 feet over a rocky canyon.

The Monkey Bridges, Vietnam;

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These are a series of bridges that provide a passage across the Mekong Delta. The bridges got their name as a result of the materials making them, handmade from a single piece of bamboo log. When crossing this bridge you have to emulate how a bamboo moves to avoid falling in. this bridge is a very unique Vietnamese traditional symbol.

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan;


This is among the most dangerous bridges in the world. What makes this bridge scary are the cracks covering it as it stretches across the Hunza River. The old bridge’s tattered remnants also hang nearby which is very scary for someone walking across the bridge. The bridge is poorly maintained and it is shaken by very vigorous winds which sway it sideways as you walk, making it very scaring.  Another reason why this bridge is dangerous is because it hovers over the Hunza River. It has gaps which would let you fall into the River in a second if you are not extremely cautious.

The Seven Mile Bridge;


This bridge is found in Florida. It is the second replication of the original Seven Mile bridge which was suspended years ago for not allowing boats to pass through. This bridge appears very safe but during the Hurricane seasons in Florida, it is very scaring to pass over.

The Deception Pass Bridge;

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This bridge is found in Washington. It is a bridge that connects two islands within the locality which were accessed via ferries prior to the construction of the bridge. The bridge is 180 feet high which makes it very scary especially to people who are fainthearted.

The Pontchartrain Causeway;


This bridge is located in Louisiana. Despite the fact that the bridge stands only 16 feet tall, it is the world’s biggest bridge to cross over water which makes it both interesting and scary. In addition to this, it is scaring in the fact that when crossing over the bridge you lose sight of land and it appears as though you are traveling over an unending mass of water on a never-ending bridge.

The Canopy Walk, Ghana;

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This bridge in Ghana is built suspended 40 feet in the air and is around 1000 feet lengthwise.  The most interesting thing about this bridge is the fact that it crosses over several trees and so people walking over it will most likely encounter a lot of birds and monkeys along the way.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge;


This bridge is located in Malaysia and it hangs around 400 feet from the ground. It was once rumored that the bridge was likely to collapse which is what makes it very interesting and scary to date. Despite the fact that the bridge has been declared safe structurally, the reputation it had acquired as the bridge on the verge of collapsing has not gone away.

The Mount Titlis Bridge;

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This bridge is located in Switzerland. It hovers over the Swiss Alps, 3000 meters above the ground. The bridge is also quite narrow. It is however considered a very safe bridge and in essence one of the safest bridges in the world despite its thrilling height.

The Vitim River Bridge;

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This bridge in Russia has been declared quite dangerous especially during winter season. In addition to it lacking a few wooden planks, it is also lacks guard rails. As a result of its old age, the Vitim River Bridge has very ancient wooden components which makes it very dangerous.

Puente de Ojuela;


This bridge is found in Mexico. The main reason for building tis bridge was to serve the mining town that is beneath it. With the passing of years, the bridge has weakened to a point that only pedestrians are allowed access to the bridge today as vehicles may cause t to collapse. The Puente de Ojuela bridge is considered one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

The Quepos Bridge;

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This bridge in Costa Rica has been nicknamed the “Bridge of Death”. It is an wooden plank bridge which has quite a number of gaps. The nickname given to the bridge is what makes it sound and look so scary to people around and also to tourists visiting Costa Rica.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge;

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This bridge was constructed in late 1980’s to replace an existing old bridge that had been wrecked after the tanker collision in Florida. Despite the bridge being a very safe and secure one, it has been associated with bad things over the years which has tainted its reputation. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge has been associated with quite a number of suicides and in addition, there are rumors that the bridge is haunted.

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge;

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This bridge in Japan is known for its frightening steepness. The bridge however has a gradient of only 6.1% and a height of 144 feet. The bridge looks quite unstable as a result of its steepness but in reality, it is very stable.

The Bridge of Immortals, China;


This bridge is found in China. People who pass by this bridge can look down from above the clouds, explaining its name. the problem however is that it takes a lot of time to get to the bridge, and in addition, walking over it is very scary.

The Montenegro Rainforest Bridge;


This bridge is found in Costa Rica. It was constructed in the midst of one of the most diverse rainforests worldly. What makes this bridge scary is the fact that it has a few missing planks in addition to the many hazards that may be encountered when passing across the bridge being that it is located in a forested region.

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge;

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This bridge is located in Northern Ireland and might be the scariest bridges in the world. It is a 65-foot bridge and it stands about 100 feet above the rocky shores and the cliffside. Initially, the bridge had only one handrail after its construction by a fisherman who wanted to get a passage to Carrick island. The bridge has two handrails now but it is still as terrifying to cross over.

Millau viaduct, France;


This is the tallest bridge in the world being 8000 feet long and 105 feet wide. The bridge crosses the Gorge valley and stands 1125 feet above the base. The construction of the bridge took 3 years only which made it the greatest modern-day engineering achievement.

The Iya Kazurabashi Bridge, Japan;


This bridge is located above the Iya-gawa river in Tokushima.it is made of wooden planks which are connected with mountain vines that have been woven together to give extra strength. The thrill in crossing this bridge is if you do it while holding on to just one rail. However, be careful and watch your steps when doing this to avoid falling

The mystery bridge of Indonesia;

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This bridge appears to be standing on its very last leg. It is a very dangerous bridge to use and should probably be declared unsafe for use, but this doesn’t seem to bother anyone as people and mostly school children still use the bridge.

The Sidu Valley Bridge;


This suspension bridge is found in China above the Sidu River Valley. It stretches for over 4000 feet and it is 1600 feet high. This bridge has been the world’s highest for sometime but it no longer is. Despite it being constructed with modern technologies and professionalisms, it is still very scary to cross.

U Bein Bridge:


This bridge is located in Burna. It hovers above the Taungthaman Lake and was made from teak, a type of a tropical hardwood. This bridge lacks support and something to hold on to on the sides which makes it very dangerous. Additionally, the bridge has lately gained a reputation as a hotspot for criminal activities which has necessitated the need to have it guarded in order to protect tourists.

The Keshwa Chaka Bridge in Peru;


This bridge in Peru is made from woven grass. The bridge was made out of a team effort by the men and women. It is the last remaining piece from the era of Incan engineering and it has withstood the test of time being that it is still functional.  

The Longjiang Suspension Bridge, China:

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This bridge is found outside Baoshann Yunnan in China. The bridge stands about 3900 feet tall and 920 feet above the Long River making it both the tallest and the longest bridge ever built. The bridge was constructed until 2016.

Capilano Suspension Bridge:


This bridge is found in Canada. It hovers above the Capilano River in Northern Vancouver. This bridge is 460 feet long and 230 feet above the water and is visited by over 800,000 visitors per year

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge, France;


The bridge is situated 1265 feet above sea level. It is one of the scariest bridges in the world and is quite a challenge to the hard herated people who may dare to look down while crossing over. Getting to the bridge isn’t easy either. People going to the bridge have to take a cable car for 20-minutes that goes up 9200 feet to get to the bridge.

Ai Petri Bridge:

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This bridge is found in Ukraine. It is a footbridge that crosses over a 4200 feet deep canyon. The wind and fog that this area has to endure from time to time is what makes this bridge particularly interesting as one crosses over the two peaks of the Crimean Mountain. The bridge sways back and forth even during calm days which makes it very thrilling.

Mekong River Crossing Bridge;


This bridge is found in China. It flows across 6 south-east Asian countries. What makes this bridge interesting is the water conditions which range from gentle to full-on raging rapids.

Root bridges of India;


These roots are not built. They have grown from material found in nature over time to become bridges. These roots are of the Fiscus elastica tree. The tribes of War-khasis and War-Jaintias had the skill of making roots grow into the right direction for them to use in the construction of bridges and also pathways over the rivers found in forests.

Taman Negara Canopy Walkway


This canopy way situated in Malaysia is the longest canopy walkway in the world. It stretches over 1700 feet and is 150 feet above the ground of the forest. People who cross this bridge are advised not to look down and to be extremely brave.

Plank Road in the Sky;

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This bridge is found in China. It is made of wooden planks along the edges of Hua Mountain in China. The bridge is around 7000 feet high which makes it a lot terrifying to walk over. There are ropes running along the mountain which you need to clip your harness to and hold very tightly and carefully.

Suspension Glass Bridge;


This bridge is found in China in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park. The glass bridge is popular in China as a result of the photo opportunities it provides. Despite it being a very stunning creation, 984 feet high up will definitely make you a little scared if you look down through the glass bottom.



This bridge was built in 1840 by Crown Prince Maximillian ii as a birthday gift for Marie, his friend. The bridge is found in Germany and it is most popular because it gives a good view of the Neuschwanstein castle and is situated over a cliff. The deep gorge below and the castle give a very thrilling experience to people crossing over the bridge. The original barriers of this bridge are still being used to date despite there being a restoration of the bridge.

Cape William Moore Bridge;


This suspension bridge situated in Alaska is 100-foot-long and is located on the Klondike Highway near Skagway town, Alaska. The bridge has reached a point where it is no longer safe for use as a result of the trucks that have been taking ore back and forth wearing it out.

Musou Tsuribashi bridge, Japan;


This bridge has been known as the scariest suspension bridge. It was built in the mid-20th century after which maintenance hasn’t really been a concern. It is located in the middle of nowhere in Musou Tsuribashi which is in Southern Japan. What makes this bridge scary is the fact that it is made from wires and a few wooden planks, the bridge has a very narrow passage and can be quite an adventure for people daring to walk across it.

Mackinac Bridge;  


This bridge, also known as the “Big Mac ” is found in Michigan. Its construction ended in 1957 and it extents 26372 feet. Despite this bridge looking very safe, at times it experiences very severe winds which sometimes sends cars flying off of it. There are ferries to help people across incase they don’t want to risk using cars.

William Preston Lane Bridge in Maryland:


This bridge hovers 186 feet above the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. This area experiences very heavy storms which makes it very difficult to see ahead when driving. People using this bridge are advised to be extremely careful. To avoid causing and getting into accidents.

Moses Bridge, Netherlands:


Over the years, this bridge has gone from being a moat that guards a Dutch fortress to a sunken bridge that is now disappearing into the landscape. It is made out of waterproof wood which makes it seem as though the water is parting for you like it did for Moses, the Prophet it is named after. 

Daedunsan Mountain Suspension Bridge in Southern Korea:


The setting of this bridge is completely thrilling especially during fall when the leaves have turned their orange red hue. The bridge is 50-metre-long and people are advised to exercise caution when taking photos of this very beautiful scenery.


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