Man Finally Opens Christmas Gift From Ex-Girlfriend After 47 Years!

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Do you remember dating your high-school sweetheart? While pop-culture would have us believe that our first romance is our greatest romance, that isn’t always the case. For Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen, their high-school romance was just that — a high-school romance.  Still, that doesn’t mean that a high-school romance can’t leave an impact. Almost 50 years ago, with Christmas around the corner, Vicki gave Adrian a Christmas present before breaking up with him. For 47 years, Adrian waited to open that gift. When he finally did, you won’t believe what was inside!

Meeting in the 70s


Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen both met in high-school back in the ’70s, as evidenced by this totally rad picture. The two hit it off almost immediately and before they knew it, they were dating! High-school romances are almost definitively never meant to last, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting!

A Fateful Christmas

As the Christmas holidays began to grow nearer, their relationship began to get quite rocky.  While Adrian was still head-over-heels in love with Vicki, she wasn’t feeling quite the same. In fact, Vicki was already making plans to exit the relationship. While Christmas shopping for Adrian, Vicki made her decision but before she did, she got Adrian one last gift.

Broken Hearted Holidays


Vicki met up with Adrian to deliver the sad news along with her final Christmas gift. Adrian was rightfully confused and upset. Not knowing what to do, he would put the Christmas present underneath the family Christmas tree. Adrian made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t open the gift due to how upset he was. Still, Adrian couldn’t quite force himself to throw the present away, either!

A Tradition Is Born


Despite how odd it seemed to his family, Adrian continued the tradition of putting Vicki’s unopened gift underneath the Christmas tree. Years turned into decades and before you knew it almost 50 years had passed. Adrian and Vicki had both moved on in their respective romances. Adrian had even gotten married to the love of his life, Janet.

A Confused Family


As Adrian and Janet had kids, those kids began to pester Adrian about the gift. Why did he keep it? What was inside? Was he really not going to open it at all? These questions began to bother Janet and soon the family made plans to end the suspense.

Adrian Shares His Story


For Adrian, the unopened present represented a keepsake from his childhood, a little piece of his past. For Janet, the present represented Adrian holding onto an unhealthy part of an old relationship. While Janet was not jealous of the gift, she was ready for Adrian to move on in a healthy way. Adrian agreed, and he decided to take his story to social media.

December 23rd, 2017


Adrian takes to Facebook in order to talk about the mysterious package. Adrian decides to detail the truth about the present and what really went down when Vicki had left him so many years ago. According to Adrian, Vicki had kissed a boy named Wolf while she had been Christmas shopping! The story soon grew legs and went viral!

Adrian Goes Viral


It didn’t take long for Adrian’s story to spread to every corner of the internet. Pretty soon, national news organizations were even reporting on the unopened gift! The social media world was desperately trying to find Vicki from 47 years ago. During this period of time, several fake Vicki’s came forward in order to try to claim a little bit of fame.

The Search Begins


At this point, Adrian realized that finding the real Vicki would take some work on his own end. Adrian began to dig through his old diaries in order to try to find clues. He found an old diary entry that listed three phone numbers that all directed to Vicki. Alas, none of the numbers worked after nearly 47 years of inactivity. What was Adrian to do?

Facebook To The Rescue


Once again, Facebook ends up coming to the rescue. After taking Adrian’s story, Facebook would also be the final piece of the puzzle for reconnecting with Vicki. Adrian ended up having a mutual friend on Facebook who was also friends with Vicki. That mutual friend shared the link with Vicki and soon their story was really gaining momentum!

Adrian & Vicki Re-Connect


With the mystery of the package so close to being revealed, Adrian and his wife decide to head to Canada in order to meet Vicki. It soon became apparent that Vicki had little memory of the gift itself and she was absolutely shocked that Adrian decided to hold onto the gift for so long. 

Mystery For Christmas Charity


Rather than immediately opening the gift together, Adrian and Vicki decided that they should unveil the present on television for a Christmas charity. With news organizations all over the country in tow, plans are made. What was in this mysterious package that Adrian had held for so long?

Opening The Present


After talking a little bit about the break-up, which Vicki admits was precipitated by her kissing a boy named Wolf, the two decide to open the gift.  Viewers could feel the suspense that Adrian and Vicki shared, right from their own television sets. It was clear that the former high-school sweethearts were quite nervous!

Vicki Is Shocked


As the wrapping paper fell away, what was unveiled ended up shocking Vicki! Inside of the package was a book titled “Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling”. The book was actually a collection of romantic comic strips written by Kim Grove using letters that she had sent her husband. Vicki couldn’t believe that she had given Adrian such a gift before breaking his heart!

Honesty About Their Romance


After opening the gift, Vicki admitted that maybe she hadn’t treated Adrian in as kind of a manner as she should have. They both agreed that their high-school fling was just a ‘short-lived’ experience. Despite the circumstances surrounding the gift, Adrian held no grudge as he was over the moon in love with his wife, Janet.

A Successful Fundraiser


While their romance never worked out, Adrian and Vicki ended up doing a whole lot of good for charity. Their live event on CTV ended up raising $13,000 for the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton! This charity provided children in need with presents so that they’d have a Christmas of their own.

Adrian Releases A Book


With the mystery of the package finally unveiled, Adrian is able to finish the book that he had been writing for so many years. Adrian would ask Janet and Vicki to each contribute a chapter to the story before it was published.

A Mixed Reception


While audiences everywhere were ecstatic to see the mystery of the unopened gift come to an end, not everyone was thrilled with how it played out. Adrian’s son thought that the whole affair was ‘a bit stupid’ and he couldn’t understand why the gift mattered so much. Vicki admitted that she found it odd that Adrian had kept the gift for so long. Still, they ended up becoming friends thanks to the experience.

A Mini Documentary


In order to finally close his life’s chapter on Vicki and the mystery present, Adrian decided to put together a documentary detailing the experience. Adrian would go on to re-connect with mutual friends from their childhood.

Happily Ever After


Despite how Adrian focused on Vicki’s gift, his true love for Janet was never in question. In fact, Adrian met Janet relatively quickly after Vicki dumped him. Adrian shared this photo of himself with Janet from 1972, showing that their love was the true romance all along.


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