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North Korea Pictures That You Have Never Seen

Brooke Hurbert




It’s possible you have heard something about the isolated nation of North Korea but there are not actual proofs that prove the painful conditions that its people live. In fact, the Korean peninsula used to be one united nation until was divided after the WW II which the result was the North part adopted a communist model and the South chose to be a democratic nation. It’s extremely rare for Western photographers to take some pics of the society and its poor conditions under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. Due it’s illegal to take photos of everyday life and show them outside the country is something very risky to do. But here are some amazing photos that portray the lifestyle of the isolated nation.


North Korea Spends Most Of The Money On Its Army

It impossible to know how much exactly the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, spends on the Korean People’s Army, but it’s rumored to be a fortune. In fact, the North Korean army has laser-guided missiles, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and an impressive cyberwarfare unit.

People Has To Work For Their Education

It’s required that North Korean students purchase their own chairs, desks, and winter’s heating. Plus, they are also obliged to work at the school to produce different articles for the government.

Less Than 3% of North Korea’s Roads Are Paved

Incredibly, most of the nation’s roads are unpaved. In fact, less than 3% of North Korea’s roads are paved; that represents about 120,538 square kilometers of roads.

Bill Gates’ Net Worth is Larger Than North Korea’s GDP

Bill Gates had a reported net worth of $90.2 billion in 2017, which is four times larger than North Korea’s gross domestic product (GDP) which is estimated at $17.4 billion. North Korea’s economic system is completely controlled by the government. The estate has the total control of production, distribution, and prices.

The Isolated Nation is Considered The Most Corrupt Nation in The World

According to the Corruption Index, North Korea is tied with Somalia as the most corrupt country in the world with a score of 8. However, also according to that report, it doesn’t exist any nation which can be considered as a perfect corrupt-free country.


North Korea Has The Size of Pennsylvania

Looking at these maps, you might think that North Korea’s territory is big but actually it has the same size of Pennsylvania. North Korea’s extension is about 120,538 km2, which is bigger than the American state just by a slight difference. However, only about of its 19.5% of its territory is suitable for agriculture.

Western Visitors Can’t Walk Freely in North Korean Streets

If you are going to visit North Korea, it must first be approved by the government and then they will assign a “tourist guide” to you and you can’t say “no thank you.” In fact, the guide will be with you for the rest of your stay. The photographer Michal Huniewicz explains his personal experience of his visit to North Korea: “We were intercepted by the tourist guides, who we could not leave during our entire stay and tell us when to sleep and when to wake up.”

North Korean Soldiers Are Everywhere

The Korean People’s Army (or KPA) is one of the biggest in the world with over 1.2 million soldiers on active duty. It’s reported that one in every 25 citizens is an active soldier. The largest branch of the KPA is the Ground Force which has one million active members.

Smoking Marijuana is Legal

According to reporters who have visited the country, members of the government can both consume and purchase with no worries of being prosecuted in North Korea. However, it’s unknown is the same rule also applies to both regular citizens and tourists.


North Korean Public Services Are Strict

It seems that North Koreans citizens are divided into groups according to their level loyalty to the regime. Their loyalty is determined by their political background, their own and family’s behavior, their economic and social status.


North Korean Male and Female Citizens Are Obliged to Use A Certain Haircut

All men in North Korea are obliged to cut their hair so it can’t be longer than 2 centimeters. Women are also required to have a hairstyle following a selection of 18 approved styles.

It costs $8,000 to Leave North Korea

Anyone who dares to leave North Korea will be punished if they are caught trying to escape. Actually, there is a way to do so but it has a price: $8,000. However, that will only permit the person to go to China. For that reason, there are a very few North Koreans would be able to afford such sum of money.


Locals and Tourists Can’t Buy in The Same Stores

As aforementioned, tourists are not allowed to go wherever they please during their stay in North Korea. However, the photographer Michal Huniewicz managed to get away from his two guides for a moment, he entered into a local shopping area and took this photo before he was removed by a cop who told him that is for locals only.

Herald Weekly

Military Trucks Don’t Look in A Very Good Shape

These are the vehicles that transport North Korean soldiers and don’t seem to have a good shape. But this is indeed an illegal photo! It’s completely forbidden to take any photos of the military personnel.

The Streets Must Be Keeping Clean

According to people who have traveled to North Korea, have highlighted the cleanness around Pyongyang. In fact, the government must spend a lot of time and effort to make sure the capital city can be proudly shown. However, the cleanness of the nation’s capital is not the true reflection of how is life in other parts of North Korea. The photographer Michal Huniewicz managed to portray this reality as we see this citizen urinating on the side of the road.

Music in North Korea

Kim Il-Sung, North Korea’s previous leader, established that all music arts must be ideologically correct. Therefore, all kind of music was prohibited (especially Jazz music). Then his son and successor, Kim Jong-Il, has shown a more open mind towards music and allowed western music genres to be played. And he decided to create the North Korean musical sensation: the Moranbong Band (pictured below) which is a group of female members that were directly chosen by the current supreme leader.


Citizens Are Not Allowed to Travel Around The Country

North Korean citizens are not allowed to travel around the country freely. It’s required to obtain a permission from the government to travel outside of their city/town. Besides, it’s also prohibited to travel long distances using their own car. To do so, they have to use bus or train.

The “Three Generation of Punishment” Rule in North Korea

In North Korea, if a person breaks a law, probably will be sent to a labor camp, but there is a small detail: that person won’t be the only one who’ll suffer the consequences of his acts. His entire family will be punished too. In plain words, the grandparents, the parents and the sons of the perpetrator will be sent to prison too.


Pyongyang is The Pride Of North Korea’s Regime

The capital city of Pyongyang was destroyed during the Korean War but it was rebuilt by the following regimes. In fact, the tourist guides always will take tourists to several places of the largest city in North Korea to show with proud the achievements of the government.

State Workers Work Tirelessly

State Workers don’t have access to any kind of vehicles to carry objects or at least to be able to move from one place to another. Nevertheless, they are always giving their best efforts to complete their works for the government.

North Korean Taxis Are Not For Tourists

Incredibly, taxis can’t be used by tourists, so they are for locals only. However, the prices are so high that they are only used by the wealthy class. What a contradiction right?

The Military Are Watching Every Move

This photo is a perfect reflection of how is the life for regular citizens who are constantly supervised by a soldier. Here we can see two women cleaning and sweeping the streets while a soldier is standing there to watch them to ensure that their job is done properly. What a stressful condition to perform an ordinary work.



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40 of the Worlds scariest bridges

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Everyone has a fear of something and fear of bridges is not less a fear. There are some bridges in the world which are very scary and even dangerous to cross over. These bridges in different parts of the world have set records as the most hazardous and the scariest bridges in the world. For people with fear of bridges; gephyrophobia, these are bridges you definitely want to stay away from but for the fun-loving daring people then this is an adventure you may want to venture into.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado;


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The Invention of Pinball

Cynthia Brooke



Pinball is an arcade game where you score points by manipulating balls around on an inclined play field with flippers. The goal is to hit various targets without losing the ball through the drain at the bottom. Most modern pinball machines are themed—they tell a story and players complete objectives to finish the story. Pinball has been around for decades. But where did it come from?

Origins Date to 1871

In 871, the British inventor Montegue Redgrave received a patent for his game, “Improvements in Bagatelle”. Bagatelle was a game that used a table and balls, but Redgrave received the patent in order to make changes to the original game. He added a coiled spring, a plunger, inclined the playing field and made it smaller, and replaced the larger balls with marbles—all of which are features of pinball.


Mass Production 1930s

It wasn’t until the 1930s that pinball machines appeared in mass. In 1930 and 1931, these games were countertop machines, rather than freestanding with legs as we know them today. Manufacturers began adding legs in 1932.

The first countertop pinball machine was called “Bingo”, and was produced by the Bingo Novelty Company. This was the first pinball machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Company. Next, the company released “Baffle Ball”, another countertop mechanical game. In 1935, they released the same game in an electro-mechanical standing version. It even had a payout.

In 1931, another countertop pinball machine was released called “Bally Hoo”. It included optional legs and was the first coin-operated pinball machine in existence. It was developed by Raymond Maloney, the founder of Bally Corporation.

The Ball Report

Origins of the Name

The game was not actually called “pinball” until 1936. The first pinball games did not have flippers, the balls were instead directed by static nails, or pins, which gave the game its name.


One of the most popular pinball machines in history is “Advance”. The tilt mechanism was invented in 1934 because players had been physically lifting the machines to shake the ball around. Tilt fixed this problem.  The tilt mechanism was first used in “Advance” the pinball game made by Harry Williams.

In 1933, battery-operated pinball machines were introduced. They were first made by Harry Williams; by 1934, electric machines showed up which allowed them to offer plenty of extra features, like new sounds and lights. In 1937, the bumpers were added in a game simply called “Bumper” by Bally Hoo. Flippers were then added in 1947, in a game called “Humpty Dumpty”. Flippers were invented by Harry Mabs and incorporated into the D. Gottlieb & Company game. It used six flippers, three per side.

In the 1950s, pinball machines got flashier—they incorporated lights behind a glass scoreboard which helped highlight the scores and added two player options. In 1963, multiple balls were introduced; designed by Steve Kordek and first used in the game, “Beat the Clock”. He is also the one that moved the flippers to the bottom of the game.

Ever Changing Pinball

Pinball has continued to change with the times. Digital scoring was introduced in 1966, and 1975, the first solid-state electronic pinball machine was released. Later, in 1998, pinball machines incorporated video screens, and today, players can play pinball online.  

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