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This Obese Dog Went Through A Shocking Transformation To Save Her Life

Brooke Hurbert




Pets rely on us for almost everything. They need their owner to ensure that they are getting enough food, water, and exercise. Our pets need us to watch their health. While it might be nice to give pets scraps from the table, we have to know the limit.

Pearl was a Jack Russell that was overfed by the owner and given almost no exercise. When the pet reached eighty pounds, they abandoned her at a parking lot. Pearl was as good as dead…

1. Chubby Jack Russell

When Hayley Zielinski stumbled upon the dog, she was shocked by the cruelty. The dog was so overweight that the vet gave her only a few weeks to live unless she could drastically cut her weight.

2. Abusive Overfeeding

Pearl was found in 2014 at a car in Augusta, Georgia. The cruel owners had allowed her to pack on the pounds and then abandoned. It is suspected that they fed her a diet of table scraps to get to this size.

3. She Could Hardly Move

When the authorities came to her aid, she was so huge that she could hardly move. They took her to a shelter. However, they had trouble finding anyone who could adopt her since she was three times over the limit of a normal Jack Russell.

4. She Was Handicapped

Because of her huge weight, Pearl was immobile. The rescuers knew that they had to make a decision about her future soon. They suspected that her poor health would force them to euthanize her soon.

5. She Was A Lot of work

No one at the shelter had ever seen a Jack Russell even reach half the size of Pearl. It also meant that they had to do everything for her. When they wanted to take to the vet, they needed to wheel her in. Pearl was facing a life and death situation if nothing was done soon.

6. She Looked Really Sad

Pearl could not do most of the normal things that a pet is meant to do. For instance, she could not fetch a ball or have someone scratch her tummy. Officials described her as one of the saddest dogs they had ever seen.

7. Someone Had to Act

Hayley, a founder of a charity that helps dogs find an owner decided enough was enough. She decided that they needed to increase their efforts to find Pearl a new home.

8. Hayley Takes the First Step

Hayley decided to take up the challenge to reduce Pearl’s weight. However, it would not be easy for both Pearl and Hayley. In fact, it was potentially life threatening for Pearl.

9. It Was Do or Die

At first, Pearl had to lose a pound a month for her nearly 80 pounds. However, Pearl found herself fighting pneumonia. It was caused by the total lack of exercise.

10. Cruelty Was Confirmed

The vets decided to check whether there was a condition, which might have been making Pearl obese. However, they did not find anything. It was quite clear that the actions of her previous owners were what had led her being so obese. They had brutally overfed her without proper regard for her life.

11. Medical Miracle

The doctors were astounded that Pearl could still be alive after being so overfed. They had never seen a dog that has exceeded its normal weight to such an extent. They were concerned that it would soon cause Pearl to succumb to her illness.

12. She Was Suffering in Silence

Pearl’s weight had placed a huge burden on her tiny frame. Her joints had been damaged from the excessive weight. Although she was in extreme pain, there was no way for her to convey to her owners how bad things were for her.

13. Hayley Never Gave Up on Pearl

Hayley knew that unless something was done. Pearl’s weight would crush her to death. She began by encouraging the Jack Russell to exercise often. Besides that, she restricted the amount of food that she fed her.

14. The Fight Was Not Yet Lost

After about six months of exercise and diet, Pearl had lost about 15 pounds. It reduced the pressure on her joints and paws, making it possible for her to walk again. Best of all, she did not require any aid to walk.

15. Pearl Was Not a Fan of Exercises

Despite losing so much weight, Hayley had a problem getting Pearl to do anything. She concluded that her laziness might have been a contributing factor to her weight gain. In fact, she did now not believe that Pearl was lazy because she was fat. Rather, she may have grown fat because she was so lazy.

16. Pearl Kept at it

Although she was lazy, she still had to cut weight. One way that she was forced to exercise was being forced to run for her meals. It allowed her new owners to get her the exercises she needed.

17. How she Got Her Exercise

To get her to exercise, Hayley would throw food away from her. As Pearl retrieved the food, she would be forced to exercise. Hayley even managed to get the dog on an underwater treadmill. That allowed her to get the exercise that she needed to slim.

18. Progress Was Slow, But it Was There

Slowly but surely, Pearl began to take on the form of a Jack Russell. Now she no longer resembled a wiener. It was quite an exciting time for Hayley.

19. Pearl Was Now Moving Around

Her carers had managed to cut down her weight a lot. They now hoped that it would be enough for someone to develop an interest in her.

20. She Lost Nearly Half Her Weight

By March 2017, Pearl had lost almost half her weight. Things were beginning to look great for her. She was no longer a huge mess of fur and fat.

21. What it is Like For Her

Pearl needed some surgery to get rid of the excessive skin that was hanging from her body. For now, she is yet to find an owner who will give her the care and exercises that she needs. However, Hayley continues to provide her with a home.



The Origins of Memorial Day in America: Rooted in a History of Former Slaves and Bravery

Cynthia Brooke



Memorial Day is widely celebrated in the United States, as a way to remember the heroism and sacrifice of those fallen American soldiers. The day has become a time of celebration and community gatherings. With parades, food, and fireworks., it’s just like July 4th. But, while we all know the origins of other American holidays (including the 4th of July), Memorial Day is still shrouded in lost and misunderstood history. The full story is not known, and it’s quite a tale! 

Who Invented Memorial Day? 

The first acknowledged Memorial Day is linked with the tragic loss of life in Charleston, South Carolina that took place toward the end of the Civil War. Hundreds of Union soldiers were left for dead at the Washington Race Course, a makeshift prisoner-of-war camp by the Confederate side. With Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s abrupt surrender at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, on April 9, 1865. The war had taken a brutal toll on both sides, but the end of the war inspired a mass exodus of Charleston by soldiers and citizens alike. Former slaves stayed behind. Inspired by patriotic fervor, they called themselves the “Patriotic Association of Colored Men.” They took it upon themselves to bring honor and dignity to the fallen soldiers left in the race-course prison in unmarked graves when the Confederate soldiers fled. 

They excavated the unmarked mass graves and then dug 257 individual graves, surrounded by a fence to ensure a place of honor and security. Once their final memorial was complete, the community turned out for “Decoration Day,” which is now recognized by many as the first Memorial Day, in 1865.  The event included the march on the race track, singing by 2,800 black school children, preaching by black ministers, and the wide-spread decoration of the graves.  It was a way to honor the soldiers, who’d been viewed as martyrs by the Patriotic Association of Colored Men. 

The Rest is History 

Tragic loss and sacrifice are at the center of virtually every version of the first Memorial Day celebrations, but the scale is important. The Decoration Day tradition was later launched in Waterloo, New York (and yes, they claim to have invented the first Memorial Day). Memorial celebrations for Confederate soldiers took place in April 1866, and then Union Major General John A. Logan declared May 5, 1868, to be Decoration Day. There are a number of conflicting reports and claims for the events and meaning of the commemorations that took place following the cessation of hostilities at the end of the Civil War. But that last event took place at  Arlington National Cemetery. The formalization of the event at Arlington, with the mass decoration of graves with flowers and flags, is part of why the 1868 event is widely considered to be the first national Memorial Day event in US History. 

Memorial Day was then set as a May 30th national holiday, and it has continued to evolve. The true history of the day is complicated by historical bias and the fickle memories of the participants, but the role of these men and women who had once been slaves is important. After all, the Emancipation Proclamation, issued on January 1, 1863, was just a few years old when the war ended. Former slaves signed up to become Union soldiers en masse. An estimated 25,000 soldiers fought for the Union Army, but approximately 10% of their ranks were former slaves. They fought bravely and with distinction. In fact, 16 black soldiers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their heroism in battle. It’s about time that we recognized the hidden stories that have for so long gone untold. 

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You Will Not Believe These Classic Era Celebrities Who are Still Rocking Their Golden Years

Anjali DeSimone



Past and Present

Have you ever watched a classic movie from Hollywood’s Golden Era and wondered where are they now, or just assumed that they were not here? Read on to see some of the biggest stars from days gone by who are ruing their own world in the new millennium.

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Brave Babysitter Steps Up, Saves Child From Dangerous Burglar

Brooke Hurbert



Making the decision to hand your child over to a babysitter can be a hard one. Every parent has that nagging thought that runs through their head, “What if something goes wrong?”. Jonathan Lai and his wife called on Jenna Lee Baker in order to watch their three-year-old son for an afternoon. What seemed like a regular afternoon soon turned into a nightmare situation. Keep on reading to find out how Jenny turned into a modern-day superhero!

Welcome to Irvine


Jonathan Lai and his family are based out of Irvine, CA. As a tightly-knit family, Irvine has plenty to offer. The metropolitan area is located in Orange County, CA. The area is known for being home to some truly amazing local attractions. In fact, Irvine is considered one of the best cities to live in the entire United States, at least according to Business Insider and WalletHub! Still, that doesn’t mean that tragedy cannot strike!

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