You Will Not Believe These Classic Era Celebrities Who are Still Rocking Their Golden Years

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Past and Present

Have you ever watched a classic movie from Hollywood’s Golden Era and wondered where are they now, or just assumed that they were not here? Read on to see some of the biggest stars from days gone by who are ruing their own world in the new millennium.

Sean Connery

He was the original and many argue the best James Bond. But his film career did not peak here. He went on to make striking appearances in several movies using his accent and deep voice to resonate no matter the role. He also starred in several action films including Indiana Jones and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He has retired but is his unique style is still in demand.

Tony Bennett

This multitalented legend is still performing at ninety years old! He was one of American’s biggest singing talents for decades. He then decided to try his hand at painting under his real name and found that he had unusual talent there as well. This busy man is not ready to slow down, and we are all better for it.                                                

Brigitte Bardot

Was she the original blond bombshell? Many say so. Either way, her voluptuous looks and talent at acting made her stand out on the big screen, and she stared in over forty movies while also becoming a high profile model. She is still around enjoying life in her eighties and working for causes she believes in such as animal rights.                                

Phil Donahue

This talk show host entertained us for 29 years on day time television. He also has writing, producing, and acting in his resume. He won an Emmy for his efforts. America’s favorite talk host now resides in Manhattan with his wife and can be seen strolling central park on balmy days.

Barbara Eden

Her face is still unmistakable at age 87, she will likely always be remembered for her perky smile on “I Dream of Jeannie”. Her role as the lovable albeit ditzy “Jeannie” was a once in a lifetime position and no one would have done it better. She now enjoys her retirement and her family, after writing her memoirs a few years ago if you are interested in the behind the scenes details of her life.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester turned 72 this year and is still full of vitality and charm. He may even be playing in a new Rambo movie.  He enjoys life from his Mediterranean inspired estate far from Hollywood but still in the lovely state of California, so he can be available for occasional cameos and movie roles that he sees fitting of his retirement time.      

Debbie Harry

The Blondie lead singer still holds her iconic look with white blond hair and high cheekbones, but she seems to have ditched her trademark of heavy-handed black eyeliner when she is not on stage. She’s in her seventies but still striking like she was during her rock and roll heyday, maybe because she still tours and brings the same energy. She has also been in a ton of movies over the years and is still acting when she gets a moment between tours.                                                                                                   

Gene Reynolds

Big screen actor turned soldier turned writer and producer back in the day Gene did it all. He is the brain and muscle behind the hit show MASH, although many people were sad to see him leave the screen to get behind the scenes, no one can deny his wisdom when they watch his series.

Denise Austin

Looking at this fitness guru’s appearance, one may argue why on earth she’s on the list at all. But she’s reaching senior status at 61 years old. If you have ever wondered if eating the right things and working out to those exercise videos she released throughout her career is worth it, just take one look at her recent pictures where she could easily pass for under 40. Whether her energy and vitality is due to great geans, hard work, diet or a mix of it all,  her still busy life is an example to us all.

Harry Belafonte

The voice behind so many iconic songs that defy genre and won three Grammys is still strong today, but he is putting it to a different use. Harry Belafonte is active in politics. Was the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Friends and activist with Martin Luther King Jr., and now acts at the American Civil Liberties Ambassador. He stays busy with things he has a passion about, what more could anyone ask out of life?

David Attenborough

Many children of the eighties and nineties have memories of spending hours on the living room floor seeing the globe and listening to David’s soothing voice tell of faraway lands and animals. This naturalist has lived a big life and is still narrating and putting together great documentaries for the rest of the world to enjoy the world’s greatest natural site generation after generation.               

Mark Harmon

Mark was the all American hero in college. He was a football player at UCLA and also won an All-Round Excellence award by the National Football Foundation. After graduating with honors he was going to go to Law School. But the acting bug bit him and he has had a prolific career in criminal and political dramas. He still plays Agent Simon Donovan on “The West Wing” today.                        

Ali MacGraw

Ali has a busy acting career in her day, most notably in the classic movie “Love Story”.  In 1972 she was voted the top Female Box Office Star in The World. She now advocates for Animals in a variety of ways including a PETA commercial and enjoys retirement with her husband in New Mexico. Even though she had to make a newsworthy evacuation during a recent wildfire, things have calmed down for the star now.           

Bern Nadette Stanis

Her roles as Thelma on  “Good Times” launched Bern Nadette’s career, and she went on to star in The Cosby Show, Love Boat, and The Parent Hood. She also wrote a book called Situations 101: Bern Nadette Stanis. Her face was on the small screen for decades and she focuses on her family these days.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Lee Majors

He has been referred to as the “Six Million Dollar Man”, the Blond Elvis, and many other monikers during his big screen stardom. Lee Majors was a household name in the nineteen seventies. But he has not slowed down a bit. He has been in movies steadily since then with his latest release coming out this year. He also is part owner of the L.A. Express Football League.                                                                                  

Kirk Douglas

Known as one of the last surviving stars of the industries dying golden age, Kirk is over 100 years old! He has certainly lived his life to the absolute fullest in his long time here. He served time in the military, and had more than 40 jobs before becoming an actor. He was a stage actor before he made it big on the screen. He has starred in many movies, written several books, donates millions and even to this day is an active blogger! Kirk is a busy man for any age.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Diahann Carrol

She was the first “non-white” women to ever star in a television show. She excelled in her role on Julia and has received several awards for her work over the years. She is a breast cancer survivor and quit acting in 2014. Now she enjoys the simpler things in life like her family and favorite causes.                                                                                                                                                                  

Bolo Yeung

Don’t hold his villainous roles in action movies against him. Bolo is actually a chill guy who remains active in the industry with continuous action roles over the years. He is pretty fit for his age and a person of any age would think twice about starting a rift.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Cloris Leachman

Her fame today is for her comedic efforts that leaves fans in stitches. However, her fame in her youth was tied to her stunning good looks. She was in Miss America Pageants, live TV Broadcasts and several notable movies. Today she is a comedy queen and was the oldest contestant on Dancing With the Stars!                                                                                                                       

Sally Struthers

Her role as Gloria in “All in the Family” made her famous, and she has been busy acting in many roles since She also is active in her favorite causes and charities including Childfund and other organizations that help aid children across the globe. Sally appears to be as beautiful on the inside as the out.

Victoria Principal

Her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the hit show “Dallas” made her famous. She has starred and co-starred in several shows and movies since. She decided to step away from acting roles to pursue her skin care company and it found success over the years, due in part to her own ageless skin. She is also a multi-time best-selling author these days.                                                                                                

Priscilla Presley

Her stunning appearance has always brought her attention, and when she married the King of Rock and Roll she instantly became American Royalty herself. They divorced shortly before Elvis’ death but she turned his inheritance into a $100 million dollar nest egg with savvy planning and a sharp mind. Today she enjoys her charities and her grandchildren.                                                  

Jackie Mason

This stand up comedian won a special Tony Award for his one-man show: “The World According to Me” in 1986, he followed that up with a Grammy and has been receiving accolades for his comedy acts ever since. He is still going strong today, in television and political activism.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Richard Chamberlain

He played Dr. Kildare and received a lot of attention for his talent and good looks. He has been in several movies and plays to great acclaim including playing Jason Bourne in the original Bourne Identity. He remains busy and active in his causes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Cicely Tyson

She was a stunning fashion model in a time where it was uncommon for African Americans, then she became an actress in a field that was not always so open. She has numerous credits on the stage and on the screen including more recently on “The Help”. She says she will not stop acting.                                                                                                

Betty White

 The joke is that she will outlive us all. This is because of her vivacious personality and appearances across the television screen in multiple genres. This funny lady keeps busy and is a household name even in 2019!          

Hal Holbrook

He is “That Guy” is so many television shows and movies there is no doubt that you have seen him in something. He has also had several starring roles on stage, television and the big screen. He still works today.  And is known for his original role of Mark Twain most.

Richard Keith

He was a child star from the age of three. Playing Little Ricky in “I love Lucy” and Opies buddy Johnny Jason on “The Andy Griffith Show”. Then he spent years running Ballet Magnificat with his wife. He stays busy but out of the lime light these days.

Julie Gibson

 She played in movies during the Golden Age of Hollywood including The Contender, and Bad Men of Tombstone, and has been both the star and behind the scenes in many movies for decades. In 2017 she was listed as the “oldest living collaborator on the three stooges”.

Marsha Hunt

Marsha’s career has spanned over seventy years. She was in many movies such as “Born to the West”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Raw Deal”, and many more. She was blacklisted in Hollywood during McCarthyism but remained active with causes she believed in and uses her fame for good including promoting world peace.

Angela Lansbury

She reached global acclaim on stage long before she found fame on “Murder She Wrote”. She has proven to be one of the most talented actresses in her generation and still stays busy with Broadway plays and parts in on television. She will be on BBC’s “Little Women” as Aunt March this year.

Sidney Poitier

He is still striking in appearance even though he is in his nineties. He was the first African-American man to win an Oscar, and he has also had the honor of being knighted by the queen herself! He still took rolls in the last decade but is said to be enjoying retirement at the time.

Julie Andrews

One generation knew her as Mary Poppins and a singing nun in the “Sound of Music”. But the fame and critical acclaim did not cause her to rest on her laurels, she still works in Hollywood and has played in “Princess Diaries” as the queen, and give voices to Gru’s mom in the cartoon movie “Despicable Me 3” .

Sally Feilds

Gidget has grown up, but many of her fans know her in affiliation with a variety of her many, many roles. She stays busy even in her seventies and you can find her on stage, on television, and in theaters still today. If she ever does get tired of acting she could sell her secret for seemingly endless energy.

Robert Fuller

Western movie fans will know this face both young and old. He made a name for himself on western tv series like “Laramie” and “Wagon Train” as well as movies. He also played a doctor in the show “Emergency”. He is now living in Texas on his own ranch, enjoying his retirement days.

Diana Serry Cary

Mrs. Cary will turn 100 this year! She started acting at just one year old and has been in 150 films. She was a silent film actor and enjoyed an early retirement to focus on the things she chose to in life, including writing.

Kim Novak

Her appearance with James Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” shot her into the limelight more than her other roles, and she has had a lot of notable movies in her resume. When she retired she used her free time to work on the visual arts and you can find her work online.

Lindsay Wagner

The “Bionic Woman” kept people on the edge of their seats, and the role will not soon to be forgotten. She stepped away from acting to teach at San Bernardino Valley College and to write books, but she still will take an occasional role and she enjoys directing when the project suits her.

Norman Lloyd

He is 103 years old and would be happy to just relax these days, except no he can still be seen on the show “Fly”. He is keeping up with his busy spirit that propelled his career. In his prime he acted for eighty years, in addition to producing and directing. He was a Hollywood icon with many genius collaborations.

Tippi Hedren

She was a talented actress who Alfred Hitchcock reportedly put through hell in his movie “The Birds” the results speak though, and her fame proceeds her. These days she enjoys the company of her famous children and grandchildren and raises money for her favorite charities.


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